The easiest 10-minute vegan dinner you should make tonight

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Tofu, Rice, and Broccoli. That’s it.

This is pretty darn healthy and you can whip it together in less than the time it takes you to drink a glass of wine—even if it’s been a hard day and you’re drinking quick!

Sautéed Tofu

Slice it how you like—thick or thin, small or large pieces, and put 1 TBS veg oil and cook on both sides.

Pair with your favorite condiment. Mine is barbecue sauce, my daughter… ketchup of course.

Cook for about 5 minutes on each side, and less if you take the time beforehand to press out the water. I opt for the high protein super firm kind and these have less water.

Seeds of Change rice

Organic rice—it’s a convenient option that’s cooked right in the bag for 90 sec. and surprisingly tasty.

Fresh broccoli

Cut off large stems and place in a bowl with 2–3 TBS of water and pop in the microwave for 4–5 minutes.

Dinner is done in less than 10 minutes.

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