“Excuse Me” goes a long way!

 In Humanity Hell

Maybe it’s just me but every time I go to the grocery store—and WF seems to be the worst—someone inevitably goes out of their way to reach their entire arm directly in front of me to grab their item.

It’s so infuriating and I just stare at them with an evil look. Sometimes they apologize. What I notice though is these same people are not bothered by this behavior themselves. (Maybe I’m late to this psychology behavior game) but it’s a revelation of sorts. The same ill behavior of people, when done to them, doesn’t bother them so they don’t think it bothers anyone else.

One time this occurred I did the same thing to the woman later on in the store, on purpose of course, and no reaction from her. My normal behavior is to stand back and wait for the person to complete their item grab or if they’re taking a really long time I continue shopping and come back. I find it so unbelievably selfish and inconsiderate for someone to reach their arm in someone’s face instead of waiting their turn.

Please, wait your turn. It’s only a few seconds. You’re not more important than the person who was there first. In the very least say, “Excuse Me.” It goes a long way!

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