Connect your domain to Microsoft Office 365 email

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Where to begin

Make sure you have your hosting log-in info handy as well as your Microsoft Office 365 log-in info.

(*Note—do not be tempted to change nameservers, your site will go down.)


    1. Log-in to your host and go to cPanel and find Advanced DNS zone editor (this may vary by host so you’ll need to Google or call your host if you need help at this part)


    1. In Advanced DNS zone editor select your domain


    1. Now you’ll see the option to Add a Record and this is where you will need to add three records from Office 365 (pause while you complete the next steps and we’ll return to #3)


    1. In Office go to your Admin (screen A below)

    1. Once in Admin, find your way to Domains (screen B below)


    1. Once in Domains go through the steps to add a domain.


    1. In Domains, Step 2 is verify domain and you’ll need to add a TXT record to your host to accomplish this verification. Referring back to step 4 above, you’ll add a TXT record that will look like: MS=msXXXXXXXX which is a unique number for you) and you find this in Office 365 this is what will verify your domain to Office 365.Add a TXT record to verify your domain


    1. Continue in Domains look at Exchange Online and you should see three records—MX, TXT, and CNAME. These are the three records that you need to add into your host for step #4 above.  If you see TTL is this related to time and you should put 3600 for 1 hour. This means it should be all set after an hour—but in my experience it’s usually much faster. 


  1. Test it out. Send an email to this account you’ve just connected from another email account and check that the email was received. Then remember to reply. All done!
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