It all started in 2008

I watched Morgan Spurlock’s 30-day episode of a vegan family. Up to this point I knew that animals were killed for food, of course. However, I was shocked to learn the exact process. I began borrowing books from the library and took PETA’s 30-day challenge. A couple weeks later I went vegan for good. Then I started learning more…

I began volunteering and then working at NEAVS, a non-profit focused on ending research and experimentation on animals. They provide scientific evidence for better science and alternatives to animals used in research, which in turn is so much better for humans.

I joined MARC to demo against fur, fast-food, animal testing, and the circus.

And finally, in 2011, I decided to pull a few heart’s desires together and created Green Vegan Media. For the last seven years I’ve worked with various vegan and vegetarian businesses as well as progressive-minded organizations—all for animal and human rights.

**Update** 2017—I’ve fallen off the vegan wagon a bit and I’m now vegetarian—but working my way back to 100% vegan. (I’ve been meat free for 10 years and counting!)

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