Corey Grant
Corey, Senior Designer

Thanks for being curious

Hi there, I’m Corey. In 2011 I pulled a few heartstrings together and founded Green Vegan Media.

I’m a design aficionado with intense passion for telling a brands story through visual media. I offer over 16 years of experience designing for web, digital, and print. My professional experience includes working for progressive-minded non-profits, small business owners, ad agencies, and marketing companies. Feel free to contact me for resume and references.

Archie (2001 to 2019, RIP my love)

When I’m not designing or honing my programming skills, I’m just another adopted human at the mercy of Archie, my orange kitty. His day is never wasted if he gets in a good game of hide-n-seek and snores at nap time.

Learn about my vegan journey.

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