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Website design capabilities include a customized WordPress site or an original web design. How to choose?


If maintaining your own site and use of web 3.0 capabilites are extremely important to you or your business we recommend a WordPress theme. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows any user with general computer knowledge to edit content and images.

Customization will make it your own and the existing framework saves on programming time.

Includes theme implementation and customization of colors, font, header, background, and all Inde Add-ons. The basic layout would stay the same.


You maintain your site without relying on support.


It will have a templated look.

Starting at: $1850
Project duration: Appx. 20 days

Original Design

If the latest web 3.0 capaiblites aren't your thing and you'd rather not maintain your own site we recommend an original design.

Choosing an original design will be completely unique and will not have a templated look.

Includes 3 initial concepts: homepage, landing page, and interior page. Up to five additional pages based on the initial concepts. Social Media icons and Google maps are included.


Completely unique—especially ideal if maintaining your brand image is important.

No constraints to staying within template capabilities.


This is more time-consuming and costly since there is not a framework to build on.

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