Green Vegan Machine Packages*

Level 7 Vegan, $2350+

Get your vegan business started and let your story unfold!

This package includes everything you need to get up and running—logo design, business cards, website design or redesign, banner ad campaign, press release, email template, and social media implementation. More

Power Vegan, $1850+

You've taken care of a few things yourself but still need a website. We can implement a customized WordPress theme or create an original design, includes Inde Add-ons. More

Green Vegan, $950+

You already have an existing logo and a website or blog but you need to tell people. Get people subscribing with email. Includes two email templates, banner ad campaign, and three Inde Add-ons of your choice. More


Skinny Vegan, $550+

Having an identity crisis? We'll work on creating the logo of your dreams, seriously. There's no way you won't be in love. Includes business card and letterhead. More

Poor Vegan, $250+

Attending a vegan or vegetarian event soon? Remember these critical pieces—package includes a flyer, banner ad campaign, and blog button with code. More

Independent Vegan Add-ons—two for $75 (ea. $45)

If you're missing a piece to your puzzle we can help with blog parts. Order a Blog Header, Favicon, Blog Button (with code), Social Media icons, Blog Signature, or Avatar. More

*Prices listed do not include
the cost of media placement, ad space, printing, or programming. We do our best to be as cost efficient and eco-friendly as possible.