Independent Vegan Add-ons

It's in the details—the tiny favicons and unique headers that speak to you and represent your personality.

Blog Header

Make an impact with a custom header. Let your imagination begin. We can create an original design that blends with your existing theme.

Blog Background

Make it stand out the way you want. Custom backgrounds using exactly what images and colors you prefer.

Blog Signature

An unexpected element to end each blog offers your readers a polished feel.


Great for social media—necessary sizing and formatting to begin your Facebook, Twitter and blogging presence.


Starting at: $45 each or two for $75
Project duration: Appx. 1 day


These tiny treasures are something to remember. We'll select the best smallest element for you.

Blog Button (with code)

Offer your readers a polished feel at the closing of each post with a design element uniquely you.

Social Media icons

Custom Facebook, Twitter or whatever social outlets you prefer can be created just for your site.

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