Behind the Designs

Thanks for being curious!

It's me, CoreyHi there, I'm Corey—the owner and designer of Green Vegan Media.

I'm a design aficionado with intense passion for telling a brands story through visual media. I offer nearly ten years of experience designing for web and print. I've happily worked for an ad agency, daily newspaper, city magazine, and non-profit. Feel free to email for resume and references.

ArchieWhen I'm not designing or learning web programming, I'm just another adopted human at the mercy of Archie, my orange kitty master. His day is never wasted if he gets in a good game of hide-n-seek and snores (not purs) at nap time.

My Vegan Story

In 2008 I watched Morgan Spurlock's 30-day episode of a vegan family. Up to this point I knew that animals were killed for food. However, I was shocked to learn the exact process. I began borrowing books from the library and took PETA's 30-day challenge. A couple weeks later I went vegan for good. Then I started learning more…

I began volunteering and then working at NEAVS, a non-profit focused on ending research and experimentation on animals. They provide scientific evidence for better science and alternatives to animals used in research, which in turn is so much better for humans.

I joined MARC to demo against fur, fast-food, animal testing, and the circus.

And finally, I decided to pull a few heart's desires together and created Green Vegan Media.